Harmon Built-in Furniture Collection for Saari

Furniture Design

Harmon for Saari


The concept was born when Saari, a made-to-measure Finnish kitchen and fixed furniture brand, selected Poiat | Studio to design a signature kitchen for them as a part of the development and revival of their product portfolio.

The design of the Harmon built-in furniture line is based on the vision of a space where both functionality and aesthetics are in balance and bring ease and tranquillity to everyday life.

The key theme that guided the design was the rhythmic composition of the different cabinetry pieces and the possibilities to create variations from them. This design process produced a modular system with defined principles and limits.


The result makes it is possible to create interesting and functional combinations in spaces of different sizes and shapes without loosing its distinctive appearance and capabilities. 

The right balance between aesthetical appeal and functionality was found from the composition of volumes and outlines, and the utilization of materials in a natural and appropriate way. The goal was to create visually lasting furniture, where the architectural lines and interesting patterns of genuine materials create a tactile and calm whole.

The outcome was what a kitchen should represent and it extends to the other pieces as well. A cosy space where people spend time and share moments together. A harmonious space where everything is in its right place and the ambience is relaxing.

These ingredients that laid the foundation for the furniture also gave to it its name  – Harmon.